Sound sculpture, metal, electronics
5×5 meters

Ofelia Plads, The Royal Danish Theater 2017, Deep Forest Art Space 2019

Photo by Torben Eskerod

Vindspejlet is a sculptural and site-specific sound installation made in collaboration with artist Ea Borre. The work reflects its surroundings at the old ferry bridge in Copenhagen visually and audibly, creating a mirror image of the wind on the peer. Reminiscent of a mobile, the work mimics shapes and colors found in the historical maritime environment as well as the surrounding contemporary architecture. Simultaneously, it processes the sound of the wind, creating an ongoing sound work in direct interaction with milieu. The sound of wind is the natural sound most closely related to white noise, which occurs when all frequencies are played simultaneously. In order to achieve this effect, the structure has a microphone installed at the top, that captures the sound of the air. The sound is then digitally manipulated and played back through speakers installed in the red metal cones, which are placed on rotating arms. The rotating movement of the sound sources creates the psychoacoustic phenomena called the Doppler effect.