40 min


Photos by Frida Gregersen

Techno is a performance and sound installation, made up of a series of sculptural sound sources. In addition to functioning as a multipart sound sculpture, the piece can be activated in performance through user-friendly software, specifically developed by the artist. The artist activates the piece in dialogue with a theoretical field, where musical instruments and the function of prosthesis are understood as prolongations of the body. In that way the artwork as a tool is a synthesis of body and intelligence. Conceptually, the piece is situated in an interdisciplinary field between art, music, and instrument construction. Inspired by Science Fiction and past ideas about the future, the artist works with the idea of an alternative technology of music. Science Fiction is often used as a metaphor or prophecy for alternate realities. By evoking conceptions and ideas from the past about what the technologies of the future would make possible, the piece touches on the technology of the present and near future, as well as the societal conditions for further technological development.